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Almonds – Smoke – Sea Salt. 100 g, organic

Real smoked almonds - no essence


We had our hearts set on smoked almonds for a long time, and we have now finally found a manufacturer who makes REAL smoked almonds.

Large, spicy Spanish almonds big Valencia almonds are salted and then smoked over the Hickory tree (a kind of walnut tree) for several hours. The almonds have a refined taste of smoke and salt. Delicious as snacks for drinks or as a topping on fish, salads and grilled food.

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Wood-smoked Spanish almonds

Ingredients: Almonds * 98.5%, salt 1.5%
* = organic
Storage: Dry and not too hot. Not in direct sunlight. Bitter almonds may occur.

Net weight 100g
Nutritional content / 100g: Energy- kJ/kcal 2411/583. Fat 48.7g – of which saturated fat 3.7g. Carbohydrate 9.3g – of which sugars 3.8g. Protein 21g. Salt 1.5g
DK-ØKO-100 EU Agriculture