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Flower Power, G&T Garnish Set, organic

Beautify your G&T cocktail with delicious floral garnish.


Raise the bar with a well-made Gin & Tonic …

In this gift box, you get 3 beautiful spices full of aroma and essential oils that will elevate your G&T to a new level of taste and appearance.

Designed to look like a book, this gift box also comes with great advice on the art of mixing a drink, also known as Mixology. On the cover, you can read the ways to use and combine different types of garnish / accessories, or get inspired by the delectable drinks’ images.

Rose Buds
Roses are world renowned for their symbolic and cosmetic beauty. Our edible Rose Buds make for a distinct floral garnish. They complement gins that have flowery and fruity notes, and are a splendid romantic addition to your G&T. Combine with a slice of cucumber or citrus peel.

The tropical, crimson flower Hibiscus is used in herbal infusions all around the globe. Dried Hibiscus is a favoured garnish for gins as it imparts a slight acidity while infusing your G&T cocktail with an elegant and soft pink colour. Use 1-2 flowers per drink. Suitable for dry and citrus gins. Combine with a slice of lime.

Sea Buckthorn
Fruity, with a dash of acidity and a bright yellow-orange colour. These­ beautiful berries look amazing in the drink and present a balanced acidity on the nose and palate. It is not for nothing that the sea buckthorn is called the lemon of the North and that it is a favoured botanical found in gins from these latitudes. Complement with Juniper and oxalis.

Gift box contains:

1 glass jar of  Rose Buds*
1 glass jar of Hibiscus petals*
1 glass jar of Sea buckthorn*
*= organic