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Flaming Dust, organic

Prize-winning Grill Rub


Flaming Dust won the first prize at The Danish BBQ Championship in the “Best Grill Rub” category.

FLAMING DUST is a rounded spice blend resulting from the combined exquisite flavours of fennel, liquorice powder, star anise, ginger and oregano, with an added kick from Smoked Paprika and Dilip’s Chili.

Flaming Dust can be used as a spice-rub on all types of meat, but it shines in chicken and pork. Mix 2 teaspoons of salt, 2 teaspoons brown sugar and 1.5 teaspoons BBQ Rub and rub the mixture on to the meat and let it marinate ½-1 hour before grilling or frying.

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Organic spice blend

Ingredients: Fennel *, ginger *, liquorice powder *, star anise *, chili *, oregano *, smoked paprika *, cayenne pepper *
* = Organic

Net weight: 50 g
Store: In a dark, dry and airtight space
DK-ECO-100 EU / Non EU Agriculture