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Dilip’s Chili Flakes, Sri Lanka, organic

Sizzling hot chili flakes from Dilip's chili fields in Sri Lanka

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Chili flakes with sunny aromas from Sri Lanka.

This Sri Lankan chili is sizzling strong, it lies between 60,000 and 70,000 on the Scoville scale, which is at the higher end of the hotness range, in line with Bird’s Eye. We advise to use it gradually and with caution.
Remember that chili develops in the dish over time.

It can be used with other spices for a more complex flavour, and often in curries and marinades. Chili is used predominantly in Asian, Middle Eastern and South American cuisine, and its versatility means that it can also be used as Piripiri.

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Organic spice
Ingredients: Organic chili flakes
Net weight: 45 g
Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space
DK-ØKO-100 Sri Lanka Agriculture