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Cabbage Karma, organic

For cabbage and leafy green dishes


Raw, fried, grilled, baked and fermented – we love cabbage, all kinds! It’s cheap and healthy. But making cabbage dishes that are easy and exciting could prove to be a challenge!

In collaboration with Ditte Ingemann – Danish food reviewer, cookbook writer, blogger and most of all, lover of leafy greens – we have developed this unique blend consisting of coriander seeds infused in orange oil with fennel seeds, sumac, black pepper and lemon thyme.

In Ditte’s own words – “Green leafy vegetables have always been the focal point in my kitchen and I use lots of spices in my recipes – I love warm(ing) spices that can be spicy without being overpowering and mild without being boring. With Cabbage Karma, I have that one go-to spice blend that I can use both in the hot and cold kitchen, and it tastes great with all types of cabbage, from pointed white cabbage and broccoli to cauliflower and kale.

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Organic spice blend
Ingredients: Coriander *, fennel *, sumac *, garlic powder *, black pepper *, lemon thyme *, orange peel oil*, salt (0.45%)
* = Organic
Net weight: 50 g
Storage: In a dark, dry and airtight space
DK-ØKO-100 EU / Non-EU Agriculture

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