Blueberry Dust

Intense blueberry glitter for beautiful desserts.


Freeze-dried blueberries are used in this intense sparkling berry powder for a sweet yet tart taste and colour. Mix in icing, glaze or cream. Use to decorate cupcakes, cakes, macaroons, ice cream and confectionery.

Also available in raspberry and blackcurrant variants.

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Freeze-dried blueberry powder
Ingredients: Glucose syrup, blueberry 35-45%.

Nutritional content per 100g. Energy 1458/345 kJ / kcal. Fat 1.9g, of which saturated fat 0g. Carbohydrate 74.2g, of which sugars 26.5g. Protein 1.9g, Salt 0g.

Storage: out of direct sunlight, in a dry and airtight space.
Net weight: 40g