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Almonds – Truffle – Sea Salt. 100 g

Salt-roasted Italian almonds with truffle


Italian almonds with summer truffles and sea salt.

Great as a solo party snack accompanying wine or drinks, and as hors-d’oeuvres with hard cheese. These truffle almonds can also be shred or sliced to spruce up appetisers, eggs or pasta dishes.

Italian almonds with truffle
Ingredients: Almonds 94.9%, Aroma, Salt 1.5%, Truffle powder 0.3%, Potato starch.
Storage: Dry and not too hot. Not in direct sunlight.
Bitter almonds may occur.

Net weight 100 g
Nutritional content / 100 g: Energy- kJ / kcal 2456/594. Fat 50g – of which saturated fat 3.9g. Carbohydrate- 10g of which sugars 4.6g. Protein- 20g. Salt- 1.5g.
DK-ØKO-100 EU Agriculture