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A Touch of Spice, G&T Garnish Set, organic

Beautify yout G&T cocktail with some spice garnish


Raise the bar with a well-made Gin & Tonic …

In this gift box, you get 3 beautiful spices full of aroma and essential oils that will elevate your G&T to a new level of taste and appearance.

Designed to look like a book, this gift box also comes with great advice on the art of mixing a drink, also known as Mixology. On the cover, you can read the ways to use and combine different types of garnish / accessories, or get inspired by the delectable drinks’ images.

Of course, our organic juniper is the obvious garnish for G&T! Juniper forms the essence of gin and is also used in many tonics. To use, gently press the berries so that the aromas are released and add 2-3 pieces to each glass. Combine with a fresh twig of rosemary, or a twisted peel of lemon, grapefruit or lime

Star Anise:
Star Anise looks beautifully sculpted in the gin glass and lends a mild anise note. Use a whole star anise in each drink should be enough unless you want the flavour of anise to dominate. Combine with a slice of fresh citrus and a sprig of rosemary.

Pink Pepper:
The beautiful red, organic berries provide a beautiful floral aroma with light notes of pepper. Use 5-6 pink pepper berries in a drink. Can also be frozen inside ice cubes and served with juniper, a cucumber slice or citrus peel, a herb sprig or a sliver of fresh fruit.

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Gift box contains:

1 glass jar Juniper*
1 glass jar  Star Anise*
1 glass jar Pink Pepper*

*= organic