Tandoori Poussin

Tandoori Masala is a South Asian spice mix traditionally used to prepare chicken or small pieces of spicy meat (tikka masala) cooked in a 'tandoor' - a round clay oven. In our version, we have created an exotic rounded flavour that, without being too spicy, awakens the taste buds. We have mixed paprika, cumin and black pepper with warming Sri Lankan spices such as cardamom,

Cabbage Karma cauliflower steaks

CABBAGE KARMA is an elegant organic spice blend for cabbage and other leafy vegetable dishes. In collaboration with Ditte Ingemann - Danish cookbook writer, food critic, blogger and most of all, leafy greens lover - we have developed this unique blend consisting of coriander seeds infused in orange oil with fennel seeds, sumac, black pepper and lemon thyme. CAULIFLOWER VEGGIE STEAKS WITH BROWN BUTTER

Cabbage Karma Kale Salad

KALE SALAD WITH APPLES, 4 PEOPLE This salad brightens any meal and goes perfectly with pork chops or stews. Pomegranate can be bought in most major supermarkets, and besides having beautiful, edible red gems, also freshens the salad with its sweet and sour taste. INGREDIENTS: 300 g kale 2 apples 1 pomegranate Dressing: 4 tablespoons olive oil juice from 1 lime zest from 1 organic

Spicy Brussels sprouts with Cabbage Karma and coriander

Even if the mention of Brussels sprouts does not send a 'yum' signal to your brain, we suggest you give this salad a try anyway! Brussels sprouts have a mild leafy taste and when prepared well, embrace the flavours of the spices you add. Also consider that Brussels sprouts contain a lot of beneficial vitamins and minerals, not to mention dietary fiber and protein.

Cabbage Kraut with apples

Kraut is fermented cabbage with other vegetables. The most important thing when making kraut is to keep cabbage as the main ingredient, as it has a high natural content of lactic acid bacteria. The rule of thumb is to use at least 75% cabbage and 25% other vegetables, if desired. There are very many great things to say about fermented food, among other things,

Rasta Pasta Mill & Mortar style

Rasta Pasta is a Mill & Mortar spice mix with a warm, complex base and notes of lemon thyme, garlic and paprika. We have let ourselves get inspired by the Caribbean's colours and flavours to create a blend that takes pasta to new heights - for both children and grown-ups to enjoy!This versatile dish can be made with a variety of different vegetables, so let

Danish mazarin pie with marinated flowers – Cake Factor

Cake blogger and cookbook writer Ditte Julie of Danish television series ‘Den store Bagedyst’ fame, in collaboration with Mill & Mortar, has developed an organic spice blend for cakes and desserts with fruit and berries. Last spring, Ditte Julie addressed us with an idea of ​​a spice mixture that would work wonders in the sweet kitchen. And that's how CAKE FACTOR was born. CAKE

Happy Roots veggies

Happy Roots is a Mill & Mortar spice blend. This organic blend combines five herbs – rosemary, savoury, oregano, thyme and basil – with chilli and white sesame. Ideal for sprinkling on any root vegetables as well as for mash, potato rösti, veggie burgers and fries. Here’s an easy recipe for jazzing up root vegetables with Happy Roots plus a deliciously simple dip to wow

Five Spice Duck

FIVE SPICE is a classic spice mix, particularly popular in East Asian cuisine, that unites five flavours: sweet, sour, bitter, spicy and salty. In Mill & Mortar's Five Spice, we use fennel seeds, anise, cloves, Sri Lanka cinnamon, allspice and ginger. Suitable with chicken and pork, and a match made in heaven with duck, Five Spice can be used in marinades or as a dry

Asani grilled chicken breasts

BAHARAT ASANI is a North African inspired spice mixture consisting of warm spices like coriander, cinnamon, cumin, ginger, cardamom, and chili mixed with herbs like oregano and rosemary. Our Mill & Mortar spice mixture is versatile and can be used in lamb, chicken, and vegetable curries. Baharat Asani can also be used as a rub directly on meat and vegetables, or in marinades with orange

Tacos with beans/chicken filling – Gringo Spice

GRINGO is an organic Tex-Mex spice mix without salt, additives or fillers - just a delicious blend of cumin, paprika, garlic granules, chili, oregano and black pepper.Tortillas, guacamole, salsa and spicy filling of meat, fish, greens and/or beans - there are several ways and ingredients that can go into making a Mexican style dish, but spices play the most important part in bringing together all

Grilled fish with Mermaid’s Bite

MERMAID’S BITE - goes perfectly with fish and greens with its taste of citrus, mint and anise, and with a “bite” of chilli. Let the fish or greens marinate in Mermaid’s Bite as this will give you the best result. The rub won the category of ‘Best Barbecue Spice’ at the Danish National BBQ Championship in 2015. GRILLED FISH WITH HERBS AND MERMAID’S BITE

Risotto con Karl Otto

KARL OTTO – for risotto, sauces and pasta dishes. The coveted and expensive Karl Johan mushroom (Boletus edulis, known also as cèpe or penny bun) is considered the king of nature's edible mushrooms. Its mild, nutty flavour is enhanced when dried, and it is this unique profile that makes it the star of the dish. What a fungi to cook with! In this spice

Ras el Hanout lamb stew

Ras el Hanout is Arabic and loosely means ‘head of the shop’. It refers to the very best stuff a spice dealer has to offer. Ras el Hanout is not just one spice blend, but comes in many variations, including curry and Garam Masala. Mill & Mortar’s Ras el Hanout blend has notes of nutmeg, cinnamon and warm spices combined with the sweetness of

Fish kebabs with Flaming Dust

Flaming Dust is a spice mix with its own unique story. Developed by the Swedish Flaming Pig BBQ team for the Danish BBQ championships in 2013, Flaming Dust took 1st place in the Best BBQ Spice category. Flaming Dust is a flavourful explosion of fennel, liquorice and star anise infused with ginger and oregano – and heated by “flames” of smoked hot paprika and

Pulled Pork med Smokey Sally

Smokey Sally is a special Mill & Mortar rub for barbecue lovers. The unique aroma and flavour of Spanish paprika gives this rub its lovely smokiness.Smokey Sally can be used with white meats or in marinades with oil, vinegar and salt but our favourite is using it to make an amazing pulled pork.Sally’s pulled porkPulled pork is an extremely tender pork dish with an amazingly spiced