This snack collection inspired by Egyptian cuisine, is named ‘Dukkah’ meaning “to crush”.

Dukkah is a crumbled mix of nuts and spices and has been a popular snack in the Middle East for centuries.
Desert nomads ‘Bedouins’ travelled through the Sahara on their caravans where they raised livestock and made sustenance on Dukkah. Bedouins used whichever nuts, herbs, spices and condiments were available and pound them with a mortar and pestle until they reached a texture that was somewhere between a paste and a powder. Not only was this tasty and filling, but also rich in protein and fats. This scrappy peasant snack was then relished with freshly-made flatbreads dipped in roasted sesame oil.

The Dukkah blends marry the two core products of Mill & Mortar – almonds and spice.