FIRST EDITION PEPPERCORNS is Mill & Mortar’s exclusive peppercorn series.

Pepper is the spice that Danes use most, but unlike salt, so far it has been a pretty lacklustre product. Black, white, whole or crushed – who really cares… But pepper is what started Mill & Mortar’s big spice adventure back in 2008. Based on a string of 9 single-estate peppers from 5 continents, we established our concept on sourcing premium produce, often adorned by the certification “Product of Origin” which we continue to follow when selecting our spices.

Back in 2008, when the global financial crisis sent shock waves through every industry possible, we had to let several exceptional peppercorn variants in our selection be discontinued, either because we could no longer import them or because small-scale pepper producers were faced with economic woes. Since then, we are on a constant lookout for more new single-estate peppercorns to add to our existing series. For now, however, we offer the following pearls to upgrade your pepper ration.
Find yourself a new favourite!