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Do you know how big a difference there is in the quality of spices? Do you know where your spices come from, where they were harvested and what kind of processing they’ve been subjected to? And do you know what wonderful taste experiences await, if you choose something really good?
When it comes to coffee, tea and salt, recent years have provided us with an ever-wider variety of exotic choices of a high quality. We haven’t seen anything like this within spices. Yet.

In its assortment, Mill & Mortar has 80 amazing spices and mixtures, and it contains everything from wild-harvested herbs to organic and fair-trade spices. Added to this is the popular snack brand, NUTTY MUNCH, made from organic Spanish almonds, seasoned with spices, sweet and salt.

“The development in the past 3 years in Denmark, Sweden and Norway has convinced me that there’s a market for spices for the quality-conscious consumer, also outside Scandinavia. These consumers first and foremost want produce of a high quality, organic of course, but they also want a larger selection of products that can provide them with a novel and fuller taste experience. This is precisely what Mill & Mortar’s products do. They’re characterized by the little black square tin can, which is the most visible expression of the Mill & Mortar brand in stores and kitchens – now also available outside Scandinavia,” says Iben Büchert, owner and founder of Mill & Mortar.

Iben Büchert travels the world in search of produce. She handpicks spices based on a fixed set of principles which she’s termed: “Product of Origin.”
– Spices from the year’s harvest that look, smell and taste as when they were harvested. We only buy small quantities, so that we can follow the spice from harvest to harvest.
– Spices with an origin that yields access to information about how the spices were bred and processed. We know it has been done with great respect and without exhausting the resources of the soil or harming people, animals or other eco-systems.
– Unique products that tell stories about people who work with great pride to create something unique.
– Exquisite and optimal packaging which ensures that spices maintain their oils and aromas from field to kitchen – dark, airtight and not too warm


”My idea for Mill & Mortar is simply this:
to give you spices full of flavour. I believe spices should be treated with the same respect as good wine, coffee or olive oil. That is why we work hard to find the best spices and spice farmers.”

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